Our clients cover almost all industrial sectors, including automobiles, transport or leisure vehicles, rail, aeronautics, energy, medical, garden furniture, toys, signage, marking and furniture urban.


Thanks to a good understanding of the needs of our customers, and our production capacity, we are able to adapt very quickly  and to be responsive.

We design and industrialise moulds intended for thermo-hard, thermoplastic or composite injections, and for blowing, extrusion, compression, gas injection or overmolding processes.

machined parts

We machine complex elements from various metallic materials such as aluminium and steel.

Our machining capabilities allow us to manufacture moulds but also to machine all types of large parts such as: stamping dies weighing several dozen tons, mechanically welded parts, etc.

Materials with which we work: steel, aluminium, stainless steel, polymer materials, etc.

isère mold usinage

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